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Putting Pink Into Politics

Live Art Muse  Putting Pink Into Politics

Putting Pink Into Politics

Zahra Stardust and Jinx Badlands

Trash Vixens Magazine, 2015

Photography and text


This set featured on the cover and six-page centrefold spread of the inaugural Australian alt erotica magazine Trash Vixens (‘trashing the perception of perfection’).


The images of the artist immersed in a pink bath accompany an article exploring the artist’s politico-sexual adventures. The words document experimentations with artifice and authenticity, subverting stereotype, and using the stage as a political platform.  They tell a stripper narrative: men not the only ones with a gaze, strippers not as the only spectacle. It tells of strippers as the directors, the subjects, the objects and the viewers, who share an experiential, sentient knowledge of intimacy and labour.