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Fear of a Barbie Planet, Slit Magazine

Live Art Muse  Fear of a Barbie Planet, Slit Magazine

Fear of a Barbie Planet, Slit Magazine

Zahra Stardust, Serena Mawulisa and Viv McGregor

Slit Magazine, Issue 15:12, Simulacra


Erica Rand, in her book Barbie’s Queer Accessories, examines the ways in which Barbie, arguably one of the most infamous icons of hegemonic femininity ‘can be subversively refunctioned for women’s pleasure’, ‘to challenge rather than abet dominant ideologies’.


She examines ways in which the ‘wholesome, positive, family-oriented’ image of Barbie is deliberately subverted by what adults and others do with her in practice: the creation of SM Barbie, flaming queen Ken, sex-play Barbie complete with dildo and handcuffs, Barbie with painted nipples and pubic hair, cross-dressing Barbie, and (as pictured in On Our Backs lesbian sex magazine) a woman inserting Barbie feet first into her vagina. Fear of a Barbie Planet brings these perversions to life.