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Blood play : Live Tweet Your Period

Live Art Muse  Blood play : Live Tweet Your Period

Blood play : Live Tweet Your Period

Zahra Stardust and Jinx Badlands

#Livetweetyourperiod, 2015



These images counter notions of blood as dirty, unhygienic and a waste product to be contained, and instead explore blood as a sensual and affirming life force that spills and flows.


Depicting heavy bleeding outside a medical or sanitised context, the images feature hands, tongues, lips and chins dripping in menstrual blood, and the photographer squeezing an engorged tampon into the subject’s mouth as she smiles and sticks out her tongue. Blood is smeared, dripped, drunk and tasted, leaving prints on skin.


The work is a celebration of menstruation, blood play, fisting and orgasm as a remedy for menstrual cramps.